The Furies by Mandy Beaumont – Our Review


Our Review…

Rage filled and rightfully so, ‘The Furies’ by Mandy Beaumont is a powerful, poignant and truly magnificent read.

On the verge of her sixteenth birthday, Cynthia, a big sister, has been exposed to more than she ever should have already, but her life is about to become exponentially more dark.

The unspeakable happens, and her mother is incarcerated, just three months later, her father ups and leaves too.

More than ever, Cynthia becomes suffocated by her surroundings, and the feeling of needing to escape. She can see now that her mother too, did not belong out in the harsh landscape with the dust making it impossible to breathe.

Cynthia is consumed by grief; in the way it swallows you up whole. We begin to explore how unjust the constant violence perpetuated by men is becoming increasingly prominent, not just in Cynthia’s life but in the experience of women the world over.

This is a book that is uncomfortable, bleak and deeply angry. Yet it is poetic, brilliantly written and a testament to the strength of women and the support we find when we stick together.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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