2022 ABIA Longlisted- The Gaps by Leanne Hall – Our Review


Our Review…

This talented Melbourne writer of ‘Shyness’ has brought us another Melbourne based story set in Balmoral. Set in an exclusive girls school of students from many different lives; the rich, privileged students, the scholarship underdogs and the boarders.

Yin, an Asian student has been abducted and understandably this has thrown the school into chaos. Chloe and Natalia, from different worlds, a scholarship and rich student respectively form an unlikely alliance and deal with the shock, regrets and complicated role changing as grief brings a levelling of factions.

Interesting, the large population of Asian students and attitudes of boys in the private school system shows a more realistic view of young girls in this setting. A look into the real world and what young women face. Loved it very insightful.

Sue @ Great Escape Book