The Genie Rings: The Witching Hours (Book 3) by Jack Henseleit


In The Witching Hours, Anna and Max travel the world with their father, the Professor – but their real adventures take place in the dangerous underworld of dark fairies, where the children face sinister creatures and battle for their lives.

On their next adventure with the Professor, Anna and Max are journeying to Iran. A mysterious ruin has been unearthed in the desert: a citadel of sand and stone, built by a great sorceress of ages past. The Professor is searching the ruin for the ending to an ancient fairy story – but for Anna and Max, a dangerous new tale is beginning.
A sinister figure has been stealing information from the desert camp, trying to uncover the lost treasure of the sorceress – which might be a powerful fairy weapon.

Stranded in the desert, Anna and Max must ensure the terrifying treasure stays hidden – or else a monster of epic proportions could be unleashed …
Be careful what you wish for.