The Glimme by Emily Rodda, Illustrated by Marc McBride- Our Review


Longlisted for INDIES book awards 2020

Our Review…

Imagine a parallel world where magic not only existed but was fully accepted. People had been vanishing from Finn’s village for as long as he could remember, but times are tough and no one pays too much attention to the odd villager wandering off.

When Finns drawings bring him to the attention of the head of the manor, he finds that not only magic is real, but it comes with its own perils.

When Finn finds himself thrown through the veil into the fiery world of the Glimme, he finds he is faced with a series of intense ethical dilemmas, and realises that friends can come in all shapes and forms.

With incredible drawings by Australian artist Marc McBride, and a superb fast-paced storyline by Emily Rodda, this novel will capture the most reluctant readers’ attentions. As an added bonus, it appears a lot of thought has been put into the page layout, the font is double spaced and easy to read. A terrific read for ages 8-13 years.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books