The Good Teacher by Petronella McGovern – Our Review


Our Review…

Allison is a good teacher. She is well liked, dedicated to her job and has a genuine heart for her students.

But Allison isn’t as innocent as it seems, every night she watches her husbands new house from afar, lurking in the shadows desperate to find answers.

Then in the morning, she puts on her happy face to bring positivity to her young students, in their first year of school.

When a new student begins in Allison’s class, she takes Gracie under her wing. Poor Gracie is suffering from a rare cancer that threatens her life, and Allison can’t just stand by and watch.

Allison sets about on an incredible fund-raising mission to send this little girl across the world for the life saving treatment she desperately needs. While, this is a welcome distraction for Allison, more than ever she is swamped by a desperate longing for her own family to be reunited once again.

Has Allison’s broken heart damaged her moral compass? How far will she go to save poor Gracie?

A thrilling story of betrayal and brokenness that begs the question, is there such a thing as too good to be true?

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books