The Grimmelings by Rachael King- Our Review


Our Review…

The Grimmelings are Ella’s favourite time of day, when the last light of the day drains and it feels like magic could happen. And that’s exactly what seems to happen one afternoon when Ella puts a curse on a boy from school who subsequently disappears. More mysteries ensure with the arrival of Gus, an elusive black stallion and Ella’s grandma, Grizzly’s, tales of the creatures that dwell in the lake.
With strong female leads, including Ella’s mare, Magpie, this novel is beautifully written, each chapter beginning with ancient words that foreshadow the next section of the story. It is a crucible of magic, fantasy and folklore that, in a world of rules and conformity, teaches us the importance of imagination and individuality (as well as being careful what we wish for)!
An utterly immersive read for lovers of horses, the fantasy genre and novels such as Finding Wonder or Evie and the Rhino, this would suit readers aged 10 years and older.
Review by Katina @ Great Escape Books