The Gulf by Anna Spargo-Ryan


Our Review…
Skye is sixteen, but older and wiser than her years. With a train wreck of a mother, Skye will do anything to protect her fragile yet brilliant, beloved younger brother, Ben. Both Ben and Skye glow in this novel, she is pragmatic and practical while Ben is the epitome of innocence and wonder, ‘Ladybirds bleed from their knees when they’re stressed.’
From the moment Skye lays eyes on Jason, her mother’s new boyfriend, she get’s a prickly feeling under her skin that he’s bad news. Knowing her mum has a short attention span with men, she hopes she can ride this particular rollercoaster out. Jason has other plans.
Emotionally powerful, Anna Spargo-Ryan’s writing is deceptively simple and bare, letting the dialogue transport you into their world of fear, uncertainly and hope.
Sparse, beautiful and brilliant, this is an impressive new voice in Australian fiction.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books