The Heart in Winter by Kevin Barry – Our Review


Our Review,,,

Be swept up by one of the most savagely epic and poetically haunting love stories to sweep across the brutal American wild west frontiers.

The mountains of Butte Montana in 1891 is a hard country. Populated by whisky drinking men, who mine for copper during the day, love a wine fuelled song or a ballad in a bar in the evening, Butte is rife with violence, liquor and Chinese opium.

When vibrant young Polly Gillespie arrives as a mail order bride of the upright, god-fearing Mine Captain Long Anthony Harrington, she quickly catches the eye instead of rogue Tom Rourke, a photographer and a budding poet who also writes letters for illiterate men to prospective brides. Their affair is too volatile to be contained in the tiny town and as they flee, little do they realise the full wrath of vengeance that will follow them into the rocky mountains.

With echoes of the harshness of Cormac McCarthy’s westerns and the humour of the Coen Brothers, every sentence is wild and epic in this cracking great Western yarn of love, blood and betrayal. A fabulous read!

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books