The Hidden Book by Kirsty Manning – Signed Editions in Store – Our Review


Our Review…

The wonderful new book by Kirsty Manning, ‘The Hidden Book’ is based on true stories of World War II and crafted into a reflective, beautifully written historical fiction.

At the height of World War II in the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria, Mateo Baca is forced to document for the Nazi regime, through a photo book, the camp and the inmates. Five copies of a visual display of the atrocities are created… or so the dictators believe.

One copy is hidden with the help of an incredibly brave, and courageous local woman, Lena who hides it until the end of the war, at great risk to herself and family.

Many years later, we meet a young Australian girl Hannah Campbell whose mind is blown open when her grandfather visits from Yugoslavia and brings a mysterious parcel wrapped in cloth. Hannah’s mother hides the parcel, but not before a curious Hannah opens it to find a book of photographs, terrible, unimaginable images taken throughout WWII.

From this moment, a deep and uncontrollable yearning drives Hannah towards truth telling and this frames her life, career and all that is important to her.

Written throughout multiple time periods and perspectives, gives the book a finely layered story, and leads the reader to know and understand each character more deeply which makes it a truly lovely to read.

Great historical fiction for those just starting out in the genre, this is a sensitively written book that  portrays the darkness in history in order to create a world filled with light.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books