The History of Bees by Maja Lunde- Our Review


Our review:
Blending historical, contemporary and future story lines, this inventive and engaging novel, focuses on the dying art of beekeeping and is a wake-up call about the environmental disaster the disappearance of bees signals.

The story follows three narratives – William, a bee-hive designer from the Victorian era, George, a grumpy old bee farmer in modern times, and Tao, a low-level human pollinator in the future.

Each of the three stories touched my heart. The chapters are short and I would no sooner get pulled into one story than the author would switch to one of the other stories so there are often cliffhangers.

This Norwegian author cleverly maps out this beautifully written book about the history and destiny of bees and their ties to humanity, so that each of the stories have a final connection.

Bees. Such little creatures but so very important to our existence.
Would a world without bees be a world without us? You’ll have to read it to find out.
Highly recommended.

Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books.

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