The Hunted by Gabriel Bergmoser – Our Review

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Our Review…

Maggie is the hunted – the prey, but she’s not likely to be captured again without a hell of a fight. Switching from the near-past to the present day, The Hunted builds momentum incredibly quickly as we meet the various eclectic individuals who will be under a terrifying siege in a remote outback roadhouse.

On a dusty highway 40 km from anywhere, it’s run by the hugely likable Frank, who with his troubled granddaughter Allie up from the city, are startled when despite their isolation, within the space of a few moments their mundane world is shattered. Serving a young backpacking couple, a brutally blood-stained young woman, Maggie, roars in and collapses on their doorstep. Enter a businessman clearly off track.

This disparate group of people will not only have to face their own personal demons, but they will question their morality as they fight off not only what is chasing Maggie, but try to save themselves as well.

This novel moves at breakneck speed. The heat, the dust, the endless remoteness of the location sets the feeling of unease which amplifies to breathless fear. Told from multiple perspectives, with well-rounded good guys and absolutely terrifying bad guys, there is much to love about this, a clever menacing Australian thriller.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books