The Hush by Sara Foster – Our Review


Our Review…

A unique and gripping story that hits very close to home considering what we have experienced throughout the COVID pandemic.

In a post-covid Britain, Emma is a nurse on the frontline of a new and tragic phenomenon where babies are not surviving birth. On top of this, pregnant teenagers have started mysteriously going missing. Government control is getting tighter and tighter, and conspiracy theories are gaining momentum.

Emma’s 17-year-old daughter Lainey is dangerously caught in the middle of these two concerning mysteries. As Emma tries to protect her daughter, she calls on her last resort – her estranged, but famous mother Geraldine who is leaving on the next flight to Australia.

Big questions are asked – who can we trust? Is it the truth and or is it a sinister hoax?
With brilliant female characters and many twists along the way, I couldn’t put this book down towards the end. Highly entertaining, slightly disconcerting, and very thought provoking!

Review by Belinda @ Great Escape Books
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