The Imitator by Rebecca Starford – Our Review


Our Review…

Based on true events, ‘The Imitator’ is a stand out new spy thriller set in World War Two.

Evelyn Varley was made for this, she has been keeping secrets for as long as she can remember. Awarded a scholarship at a prestigious boarding school, Evelyn very quickly discovers that she has to fit in, be like everyone else and fly under the radar if she is to survive.

When Evelyn finally makes it to Oxford University in 1939, she has her persona down pat and soon finds herself working for the counter intelligence department as the war is rapidly encroaching. Dangerously Evelyn is assigned the task of infiltrating a top-secret society of Nazi sympathisers.

Surrounded by her own lies and betrayal, Evelyn becomes so caught up in the mission she is faced with impossible choices and betraying even those closest to her.

‘The Imitator’ is a brilliantly vivid account of one woman’s courage and fight amongst the darkest of times.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books