The Improbable Life of Ricky Bird by Diane Connell – Our Review


Our Review…

A brilliant book that made me laugh out loud and cry multiple times throughout.

Ricky is at the heart of this story, and she is a pleasure to get to know. She is imaginative and quick witted, unapologetic and not at all concerned with being the same as everyone else. Along with her mother and younger brother, Ricky has moved to a new estate, leaving her father behind. Her younger brother Ollie is in an out of hospital, and her mother doesn’t seem to have any time for her anymore, so she is left mostly to herself in this new and unfamiliar place.

On top of the new surroundings, Ricky is going through some major changes within herself as she edges towards 13.

Ending with a big emotional climax, this story that tackles some challenging themes such as gender identity, sexual abuse and terminal illness. Beautiful and gut-wrenching.

Review by Belinda @ Great Escape Books