The In-Between by Christos Tsiolkas – Our Review


Our Review…

Melbourne writer Christos Tsiolkas creates characters that are real. You may not always like them, but they are people you know or know of and you care what happens to them. His latest book is about two middle-aged men who meet online. Both have been badly hurt in past relationships and are not sure if they can ever love again.


Throughout the course of the story, we follow their relationship as we’re offered glimpses at different stages of their lives together. Their former relationships have had such an immense impact on the two men that it feels like they will never be able to move on. But slowly we see the events that have shaped them have made them who they are, and they must reconcile themselves with that to have a future together.

In Between is a touching love story, but it’s written by Christos Tsiolkas so it can also be blunt, at times brutal. And there is a lot sex – described in detail. If that isn’t a problem for you, you’ll find this a beautiful book about love, hope, forgiveness, getting older and accepting who you are.

Review by Andi @ Great Escape Books