The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See – Our Review


Our Review…

An historical telling of the Haenyeo, the deep sea divers from the island of Jeju, women dive to keep their families fed, trade for other goods and nurture the daughters who will be the next generation.

The divers are capable of very long times underwater and harvest what they need, resting areas for regrowth of marine creatures and respecting nature.

It is also the history of Korea before it was divided into North and South and the harsh life under the Japanese who wanted to take much of the catch, and hated that the women were the workers and the husbands cooked and minded children – had for hundreds of years.

It is also about the friendships of women in a life and death occupation and maintaining this as the modern world crept in, wanting more profit and companies with men in charge, not respecting the spirits that guided them in the ways of old.

An eye opener and a longing for what was an incredible way of life and another tradition lost to greed and the ravaging of the natural world.

I loved this wonderful story of women at their best.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books