The Jammer by Nova Weetman – Our Review


Our Review…

Fred is an independent and brave young lady on and off the roller derby track.

Always putting herself out there to propel her team mates forward, she loves the thrill of the sport, having the passion passed down to her from her Mum.

Fred moves around a lot, and roller derby is a constant in her life that she relies on, as well as the close relationship she has with her parents.

Until everything comes crashing down and Fred can’t imagine how she could ever smile again.

Even though she feels it, Fred will come to realise that she is not alone and is surrounded by people who will hold her in her darkest times.

An emotional and powerful story about grief, loss and love that is just so sensitively written for young hearts.

Nova Weetman has such a beautiful way with words that this one will be perfect for both young and old.

Best for ages 10 plus.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books