The Journey (Rowan of Rin: 30th Anniversary Edition) by Emily Rodda and Illustrated by Marc McBride (Hardback)


Bravest heart will carry on When sleep is death, And hope is gone. Rowan doesn’t believe he has a brave heart, but when danger threatens his village of Rin he discovers he is much more resourceful than he could ever have imagined. The Wise Woman Sheba’s ominous words haunt him. Her cryptic riddles are all he has to help him find a way to solve each problem. Rowan must find within himself the means to overcome perils that would daunt the greatest hero: terrifying monsters, the forbidden Mountain and those who would enslave his people. Only when he faces his fears head-on will the true path of his quest be revealed. All five books in a special deluxe 30th anniversary edition of the award-winning Rowan of Rin series, from much-loved master storyteller Emily Rodda, author of the Deltora Quest series.