The Kingdom by Jo Nesbo – Our Review


Our Review…

Jo Nesbo is truly back in form with his cracking new novel The Kingdom, an epic tale of Shakespearean proportions of betrayal, obsession, love, jealousy and death.

Set in far north Norway, it explores the lengths two brothers will go harbour and protect each other.

Tightknit, they keep each other’s backs for what emerges as very good reasons. The eldest Roy, a stoic pillar of strength and abhors the spotlight shined on him, while the youngest Carl, charismatic and charming, revels in it – but both have dark chilling secrets that are best kept hidden.

It begins as a deceptively slow burn, that quickly escalates as the body count rises, as we meet the villagers that live far below the brothers’ mountainous farm. They have grown up with the brothers alternatively love or loathe the two boys.

This novel is very different to Jo Nesbo’s trademark Scandi thrillers, but I found it richly rewarding. The depth of its character study, the illuminating study into the grand forces that drive us, and the manner in which my allegiances changed over the course of the story made it a richly epic read. Terrific.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books