The Lace Weaver by Lauren Chater- Our Review


Our Review…
1941… The tiny country of Estonia is crushed by the Russians and life is brutal. Hope is further dashed when Nazi Germany invades and tears apart what little is left of families. Two women carry this astonishing story; Katarina, struggling with feeding the invaders from her farm, while pushing the despairing women to keep lace weaving -an important cultural resource. While in Russia, Lydia is imprisoned by wealth and privilege and escapes to her mother’s Estonia. As freedom fighters there is loss, love and the relentless brutality of war.
After the war, in the displacement camps, people from regions and relatives of families that have been lost are using the motifs from the shawls as guides to find one another. Wolves, trees, birds are all intricately woven in the beautiful lace shawls.
Surprising finish and very emotional, I loved this book – it opened up a whole new chapter of history for me.
Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books