The Last Lighthouse Keeper by John Cook and Jon Bauer


Our Review…
This book was so unexpectedly brilliant. I just could not put it down as it continued to pick up in both intrigue and raw human emotion as the story became more and more compelling.

The isolation faced by Lighthouse Keepers and their families of John Cook’s era, prior to electrification of the lighthouse’s, created emotional responses that saw them pulled between the stunning and brutal natural settings that inspired them and the cruel mental struggles that isolation amplifies.

The uncertainty of John’s own family situation and the price he pays to pursue a vocation that gives his life purpose is an extraordinary tug of war that has the reader turning pages right to the end in search of resolution, both for John and the reader.

The book is full of pearls of life wisdom that I found myself re-reading over and over and jotting into the notes in my phone so I could keep with me after the book ended, which I was very disappointed to see it do.

Beautiful, honest, and entertaining, you will be involuntarily transported emotionally to a place that many of us hope we don’t have to deal with but we know is, in some form, a scary possibility. Highly recommended.

Review by Marty Maher – Great Escape Books (Nic’s partner).