The Last Train to London by Meg Waite Clayton- Our Review


Our Review…

For readers of All The Light You Cannot See and The Lace Weaver this is perfect.

The sudden invasion of Austria by Hitler and the escalation of Nazi Germany sent shock waves around the world. The Kindertransport was the last minute rescue of Jewish children to England by train and ship. This would not have been possible without Tante Truus and the network of characters who helped bring 10,000 children to be fostered. She boldly engaged with Eichmann, playing on his vanity to allow her 2000 children and rail passage and identification, seemingly impossible he thought but she pulled it off and the journey is heartwrenching and the network of allies incredible.

Several stories are woven through this novel that put the real human perspective on what is was like to be in civilised Vienna one minute, and hell the next.
Loved the cast of characters and this beautifully crafted story.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books.