The Library of Heartbeats by Laura Imai Messina – Our Review


Our Review…

The Library of Heartbeats is a stunning story of hope, love, healing, and happiness even in spite of life altering grief and loss.

Inspired by an incredible artistic archive in Japan, where individuals around the world travel to and become immersed in the experience of recording their heartbeat. It is on the island of Teshima that the reverberation of fluttering heartbeats creates a soundtrack for all those who visit.

A short distance away in Kamakura, Shuichi and Kenta are unlikely friends. With Shuichi an illustrator in his 40s recently separated and having returned to his mother’s house and hometown after she sadly passed away to care for the property.

While Kenta is a young boy who is always present at his home, after the two become firm companions navigating life together until they realise, they are tied to one another in more depth than an initial mere serendipitous encounter.

A tender book, that has a profound message. A book that beckons you to reflect, to contemplate and to open yourself up to the world and people around you.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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