The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles – Our Review


My new personal favorite read, from the author of A Gentleman in Moscow, The Lincoln Highway beautifully captures the fresh open innocence of youth and the moral and ethical challenges that life throws up as the boys move to adulthood.

Emmett has just emerged from a juvenile work farm where he has just served fifteen months detention for involuntary manslaughter. The farm repossessed, his father dead and his mother long gone, he is nevertheless hopeful, and he immediately heads back to his childhood home to pick up his beloved younger brother Billy.

He is fiercely determined to turn both their lives around and plans to head to California to start what he hopes is a golden new life.

This is 1950’s America, and unbeknown to Emmett or the kindly prison Warden – driving the car back to the farm, two fellow inmates have stowed away in the trunk. They too want to start a new life, but have very different ideas to that of Emmett.

Brimming with charm, this novel feels so young and fresh with life. The Lincoln Highway will bring a smile and make you wish you were on this great epic road trip across America with Emmett and Billy and his two wayward, but hugely likeable friends, Duchess and Wooly. Fabulous!

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books