The Long Game by Simon Rowell – Our Review


Our Review…

Detective Sergeant Zoe Mayer has just returned to the job after a traumatic incident left her struggling and suffering from PTSD. But with her trusty service dog Harry by her side, she is ready to return to the streets.

Thrown straight into a gruesome homicide, on the beach side Mornington Peninsula where local, Ray Carlson is found dead in a house just near Portsea.

A kitchen knife embedded in his chest and blood everywhere this soon looks to be a pretty clear cut case for the Detective with an obvious suspect quickly arrested.

But, Mayer begins to doubt, wondering why this is all just too convenient and soon becomes convinced that they’ve got the wrong perp. But she stands alone in her assertions and may just be putting her own safety in danger.

A gritty, thrilling crime fiction that will have you desperate for the truth. Leading with the most marvellous female protagonist makes for an edgy and enthralling read.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books