The Loudness of Unsaid Things by Hilde Hinton – Our Review


Our Review…
The Loudness of Unsaid Things by Hilde Hinton is simply a remarkable debut novel, it has left me longing to see what Hilde will write next.

Miss Kaye works at The Institute, a haven for the misfits, the deeply damaged and those who lurk in the shadows. Miss Kaye is compassionate yet pragmatic in her approach.

Susie is a little girl who struggles to find her place at school and in the family. Uprooted suddenly and moving back to the city without her Mum, life is challenging. Her Mum is unwell… stuck in the mind hospital. Susie hates going to visit, she can never predict who her Mum will be makes her feel lots of big emotions.

As the years pass, Susie struggles to even find her voice. So many thoughts, emotions and experiences are quashed before they even materialise.

But, in this moving book Miss Kaye will help Susie to find herself, to live and not merely survive.

Heartfelt, witty and a beautiful novel that champions hope, inner strength and courage. A book that will soften your heart to care more deeply for those who cross your path, even if just for a moment.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books