The Marriage Portrait by Maggie O’Farrell – Our Review


Our Review…

Fall into the rich and wondrous world of the de Medici family- the ruling dynasty of 15th century Florence, as seen thought the eyes of the wilful young middle daughter Lucrezia. In a large charismatic family of 11 children all vying for attention, she is often overlooked for her powerful parents affection. Yet she has her strengths, she is intelligent, insightful and a great artist.

She also unfortunately comes to the notice of a young Duke of Farrara, and when the betrothal of her older sister Maria falls through, she comes to be married at the age of just 13 years. Based upon a little known true story, Lucrezia will need every ounce of her father’s willpower and her mother’s cunning to survive this marriage, when she realises her charming husband means to kill her.

O’Farrell is a master at bringing historical fiction to life, her previous novel Hamnet on retelling the life of Shakespeare’s family in a time of plague, met with universal critical acclaim.

Here the world inside the grand palazzo of the Duke is magnificently crafted. O’Farrell’s ability to recreate the textures and sensations of light and colour is amazing, while her description of the intrigues of court and politics will make you draw breath.

A fabulous read, all the more wonderful in that the research O’Farrell undertook was impeccable.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books