The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave- Our Review


Our Review:

Set on the remote island of Vardo in 1617, this Norwegian story has become the stuff of legend and history. A freak, violent storms kills almost all the men as they set off for the day to fish, their bodies washing up for days. Mostly widows and children are left to carry on without their men- fishing, hunting and doing the work needed. These women are strong and independent and not easily ruled by the gruelling religious regime of the time.

A new leader is sent from Scotland to quell this rebellious behaviour by torture and burning witches. His long suffering wife sees it for what it is, the enormous need for power over women by any means, and sides with them. Based on the true story of the witch hunts and the need for religion to crush any free-thinking and independence without men.

Wonderfully told with real characters, I could not put it down and the message is just as strong today.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books.