The Mother by Jane Caro – Our Review


Our Review…

The Mother brilliantly tackles the issues of coercive control and what it means for the helpless families trapped within this nightmare.

Miriam is becoming worried about her daughter Ally’s marriage. Ally’s avoiding contact and seems to be struggling with her first baby, while a second child is on the way.

The many attempts by Miriam to stay and support her daughter are met with increasing hostility by the husband and she backs off as it is obvious that he will punish Ally. By the time the truth is out, it escalates until poor Ally leaves with the two children and moves in with Miriam.

The Mother showcases the poor legal protection and lack of accountability for cruel acts as well as the constant debilitating fear held by the victims.
A thrilling page-turner with lessons for all. Such a bold and important story!
Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books