The Museum of Forgotten Memories by Anstey Harris – Our Review


Our Review…
Four years after the passing of her beloved Richard, Cate and her son Leo are flailing under financial hardship.

Having met in University, Richard and Kate fell madly in love at first sight. The happiness, faded over time as Richard was drawn into the dark depth of his inner world. Unable to make his way out, devastatingly swallowed up by the darkness.

Now Cate and Leo, with no where to go are forced to seek refuge in Richard’s grandfathers dilapidated old museum.

Despite a challenging start, and a grumpy caretaker who is the antithesis of welcoming. It is surrounded by the breathtaking gardens and startling taxidermy collection that Cate can begin to slow down and breathe.

A touching, beautifully written book that intertwines grief and loss, with peace and courage. Intricately crafted and just magnificent.

Review by Lydia @Great Escape Books