The Ninth Life of a Diamond Miner: A memoir by Grace Tame – Our Review


Our Review…

Grace Tame, winner of the 2021 Australian of the Year, has truly found her voice in her book, ‘The Ninth Life of a Diamond Miner: A Memoir’.

The voice she has found is both strong and resilient, but it should never have to be that way. She should never have experienced the child abuse that nearly broke her, and never have had to find her deep inner strength despite this adversity.

As a teenager, a perpetrator teacher who later served time in prison for his crime befriended Grace and over time groomed her for the purpose of his sexual abuse. Grace should have been safe in the school system, and yet she was targeted by a predator who changed the course of her life for his own self-absorbed gratification.

Not only is her memoir about this time in her life, but it is also a vulnerable and authentic window into the many facets of her life, like growing up in Tasmania and later travelling overseas for seven years, as well as her experiences of falling in love.

Grace is a talented artist, with Associate degrees including honours in Liberal Arts and Theatre Arts, she comes from a big and loving family, is a fiercely loyal friend and is a member of the neurodiverse community.

As the first female in Tasmania to be given the right to speak under her own name of the abuse she survived, Grace has used her platform to advocate for survivors and championed their stories of survival.

This memoir feels like you are watching a woman come into her own power on the very pages, it is profound, honest, and sprinkled with Grace’s wit and dark humour throughout that will have you smiling along.

A truly magnificent read.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books