The North Wind by Alexandria Warwick…Our Review


Our Review…

Wren and her identical twin sister, the delicate Elora, live in a world cloaked forever in the twilight of winter. Orphaned at a young age, Wren is the sole provider of the two. Scarred and courageous, she hunts alone in the woods for what food she can manage to scavenge.

Both girls know the lands are cursed. When they hear that King Boreas or The North Wind, as he is sometimes known, a formidable and somewhat terrifying deity is coming after a 30-year absence from the Deadlands to claim one of the village girls, Wren insists they flee. However, fate is not on their side.

Inspired by the Greek myths in a land overrun with savagely petrifying creatures,  Boreas is our fierce Hades and the beautiful, scarred Wren is our savagely intelligent and feisty Persephone.

A fabulous slow-burning romantic fantasy, this is the first of a truly engaging four-book series of four gods, East, West, North, representing the three other powerful rival brothers of Boreas, who hold the balance of worlds in their grasp.

An epic world-building series, beautifully crafted and a gorgeous escape read to wrap yourself up in and enjoy over winter this year.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books