The Ocean Gardener by Clara Anganuzzi – Our Review


Our Review…

Little Ayla lives on a island surrounded by a beautiful coral reef with super marine biologist mum whose job is to care for the reef.  Ayla and her mum know lots of the animals secrets…where the turtles like to rest, where the sharks get their teeth cleaned, how the octopus flash their eyes. But when the vibrant corals go pale and the fish disappear, Ayla realises global warming has come to her ocean…there was not a single fish in sight.

Clara Anganuzzi’s gentle text and magnificent artwork looks at the complex topic of climate change and reseeding coral reefs in an eye-opening but positive way, showing us that may yet  have the opportunity reverse the cycle of damage we have caused.

Great for your budding marine biologist child at home or school classroom.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books