The Octopus and I by Erin Hortle – Our Review


Our Review:

The Octopus and I by Erin Hortle is a stunning novel with a brilliantly emotionally rich storyline, filled with characters that you will be unable to forget. 

Set on the Tasmanian Peninsula, the author has created a wonderful picture, the scenery is entirely tangible and magically connected to both the ocean and the ocean life.

Lucy and Jen are a young couple, in love but in a fragile stage after just coming through the other side of Lucy’s breast cancer battle.

Lucy is struggling in her new body, her place in the world and the way people just won’t stop staring. Flailing and alone, Lucy finds friendship in the most unusual of companions, human and animal alike.

Amazing and intriguing, a chance friendship develops with an old lady and her son that could very well save her.

Drawn to the native octopus in their seaside town, Lucy develops an unusual fascination for the unique creatures as she begins to find some common ground to understand her own grief and trauma.

Amazing, gritty and deeply felt, I just loved getting lost in this book.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books