The Odds Run, Odds, Run (The Odds, #2) by Matt Stanton


It’s a dangerous thing, your imagination.

The sequel to the bestselling graphic novel, THE ODDS

The Woman in the Suit is here. She wants to know about the ten odd characters who escaped Kip’s imagination and now live with Kip and her dad in their two-bedroom apartment.

She’s asking questions Kip doesn’t want to answer.


The problem is … Lance the rabbit and Ninja-Nina are duelling, Racer’s trying to drive, Booster the rooster wants to leave and Unicorn and the family cat are not getting along. Kip is hiding secrets from her dad, Diana the dinosaur keeps giving her a fright and the Woman in the Suit seems to know their every move.

From million-copy bestseller Matt Stanton comes another hilarious and heart-filled story about imagination, anxiety and accepting ourselves.

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