The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow – Our Review


Our Review…

Witches don’t exist. They used to be full of power, with their magical spells and charm but then the burnings began and the witches were systematically stamped out. Women are now fighting for equal rights through the power of voting.

In 1893, three sisters are attending a suffragist meeting and are reunited for the first time since they were children, with a touch of magic finally bringing them back together.

Together the Eastwood sisters come to realise that perhaps the women’s movement could be coupled with the witch’s movement to truly bring about freedom and equality.

The Once and Future Witches is a tale of sisterhood, courage and the true magic that brings about change as they come together to mend wounds and find their voice.

A fabulous fantasy novel that is a feminist delight, perfect for both lovers of the fantasy genre but also as an accessible read for those starting out.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books