The Orchardist’s Daughter by Karen Viggers


A story of freedom, forgiveness and finding the strength to break free. International bestselling writer Karen Viggers returns to remote Tasmania, the setting of her most popular novel The Lightkeeper’s Wife.

Sixteen-year-old Mikaela has grown up isolated and homeschooled on an apple orchard in southeastern Tasmania, until an unexpected event shatters her family. Eighteen months later, she and her older brother Kurt are running a small business in a timber town. Miki longs to make connections and spend more time in her beloved forest, but she is kept a virtual prisoner by Kurt, who leads a secret life of his own. When Miki meets Leon, another outsider, things slowly begin to change. But the power to stand up for yourself must come from within. And Miki has to fight to uncover the truth of her past and discover her strength and spirit. Set in the old-growth eucalypt forests and vast rugged mountains of southern Tasmania, The Orchardist’s Daughter is an uplifting story about friendship, resilience and finding the courage to break free.

Our Review…
Our Review:
Set in the breathtaking beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness with its ancient
forests and the vast abundance of wildlife, this is Mikaela’s story.
The death of their parents gives her domineering older brother Kurt full power over her and their future. He sets up a takeaway food business and is so highly protective of her that locks her in when he is on one of his regular trips to Hobart.

Against their battle of wills, is the larger battle for the future of forest- against the logger’s short -term view and the environmentalists never ending battle to preserve this fragile area forever. Mikaela steals a key from Kurt’s ute and gradually starts to explore her neighbourhood and meet some special friends who open up the possibilities of change, empowering her to make the first steps to a new freedom, joining them in the political battle ahead to save all that she loves.
An atmospheric and beautiful Tasmanian story that reminds us of what we must fight for.
I just loved it!

About Karen Viggers…
Born in Melbourne and raised in the Dandenong Ranges riding horses and writing stories, Karen went on to study veterinary science at Melbourne University before working in practice for several years. She completed a PhD in wildlife health, and since then she has worked on a wide range of Australian native animals, including kangaroos. Karen loves landscapes, wild places, people and animals. She is the author of three novels: The Stranding (2008) and the bestselling, The Lightkeeper’s Wife (2011) and The Grass Castle. She lives in Canberra with her husband and two children.