The Other People by C.J. Tudor- Our Review


Our Review:
Three years ago, Gabe’s life was turned upside down…

Travelling home late one night, Gabe is tailing a decrepit old car when he sees his five year old daughter Izzy crying out for help as the car speeds away.

Gabe has spent the last three years frantically searching for his precious girl. Becoming all consumed by the quest to save her, even though Izzy has been declared dead by authorities.

While Fran and her daughter spend their days driving the motorways. Running, scared and terrified from those who are grasping to hurt them.

Gabe and Fran have never met but are tied together by their tragedies.

Fran flees with the truth, the answers that Gabe so desperately seeks… what happened to his little girl? She knows how dangerous these people are and she must not let them find her.

CJ Tudor is the master of a psychological thriller, ‘The Other People’ is everything it should be… fast passed, intriguing and utterly mystifying. So good!
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books