The Other Side of Beautiful by Kim Lock – Our Review


Our Review…
‘The Other Side of Beautiful’ by Kim Lock is a witty adventure around Australia with Mercy Blaine, a young woman who is now homeless, after her home is destroyed in a house fire. Mercy is desperately hiding from her life and the secrets that burden her.

The only problem is, before this, Dr Mercy Blaine hadn’t left her house in the past two years after suffering from crippling anxiety, and now without a home to shield her from humans and the outside world she must reluctantly venture out and it is somewhat messy.

Along with her gorgeous sausage dog and best friend Wasabi, the two purchase a beat up campervan that despite its basic amenities comes with its own box of human cremated remains hidden inside, unperturbed Mercy embraces her new home on wheels.

Along the way, we are taken along for a ride and the author so brilliantly nuances anxiety and panic attacks in a way that is poignant, powerful and humoured. We travel with Mercy, and begin to know her, understand her and by the end of the book, absolutely love her.

Truly magnificent, engaging and emotional, ‘The Other Side of Beautiful’ will have you laughing and crying right until the end.

Review by Lydia

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