The Other Side of Summer, by Emily Gale


A heartwarming tale of growing up in a world that is not fair. The story opens with Summer’s beloved older brother dying in a terrorist attack while he was busking playing guitar. Mysteriously the guitar is returned to Summer intact. In an effort to pull his family together, Summer’s dad decides to move his Summer and her sister to literally the other side of the world from England to Australia. Thirteen-year-old Summer Jackman is brimming with sadness that slowly transforms into anger and resentment, but even when the emotions are at their ugliest, Emily Gale’s writing makes them beautiful.This is a truly charming story with its broken but loveable characters… and Summer who is stronger than she ever dreamed, the ghost of her brother who is more full of life than most living characters. A beautiful novel, it is brimming with important issues, such as grief & loss but also the importance of family and friendships & finding oneself.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books

“Emily Gale has been involved in the children's book industry for nearly twenty years and has worked as an editor, reviewer, talent finder and literary award judge. She spent several happy years at independent bookshop Readings as a children's book buyer, during which time she was instrumental in establishing their Children's Book Prize. Emily's writing includes two novels for teenagers – Girl, Aloud and Steal My Sunshine – and Eliza Boom's Diary for younger readers. Living on the other side of the world from the place she grew up and most of her family means that concepts of home, belonging and displacement have long occupied Emily's mind, and inspired her to write The Other Side of Summer.”