The Others by Mark Brandi – Our Review


Our Review…

There are few books that completely blind me with their power and intensity. The Others by Mark Brandi, his third superb novel, definitely falls into this category. Hauntingly beautiful with a menacing undertow, young Jacob lives alone with his father, a hunter and woodsman irking out a subsistence living on an improvised farm, at the base of an unnamed densely forested part of Australia.

Completely isolated with only his few books and the sheep to keep him company, Jacob’s world view is almost completely determined by the teachings of his father. He idolises him, but he is increasingly aware that the mercurial moods of his father, which is assumes due to his father’s desperate need to keep them hidden from ‘the Others’, is extreme.

Mark Brandi rackets up the tension and sense of unease as Jacob starts to push the boundaries, leading him to a series of discoveries that will completely unravel them all.

The Others is a magnificent novel of loyalty, love and obsession will unsettle and captivate you. It is a dark read, but also very beautiful read – and you will totally fall in love with young Jacob!

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books