The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley – Our Review


Our Review…

A luxurious apartment building is the setting with a cast of varied and suspicious characters in this Agatha Christie style thriller. Our cast is Jess, coming to stay with brother Ben on the 3rd floor. Sophie, wealthy, is isolated in the penthouse. Mimi on the 4th floor, Nick on the 2nd floor, a friend of Ben’s and the Concierge in a creepy cabin on the ground floor, watching everything.

Jess waits fruitlessly for Ben to arrive, but he doesn’t turn up there is an ominous feeling about the building and the inhabitants. She embarks on a mission to trace his last movements and find out what happened to him dead or alive.

All the twists and turns you could ask for and an obvious conspiracy between all the occupants emerges and Jess is in real danger. Very satisfying as all the paths start to weave together to the satisfying conclusion. Great for cosying up in the cooler weather.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books

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