The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club by Alex Bell – Our Review


Our review…
Stella Starflake Pearl joins the Polar Bear Explorers’ Club on an expedition to discover the coldest place on earth. Although girls are not usually allowed to join this club, Stella’s adoptive father, Felix pulls some strings to ensure twelve year old Stella gets a chance to join the adventure. She is accompanied by Ethan Edward Rook; a magician and explorer, Shay Silverton Kipling; a wolf whisperer and Beanie, a medic who is half elf.
When Stella and her friends get separated from the adults in their group, the big question is; can they cross the frozen wilderness and survive? Each of the young explorers are very unique in personality. They need to work together as a team to manage their encounters with an abundance of creatures such as giant yetis, golden geese, unicorns, untrustworthy trolls, pet polar bear cubs and carnivorous cabbages. Along the way, Stella learns that there are different ingredients necessary in the recipe for friendship. She also unexpectedly finds some explanations as to the truth about her origins.
A real page turner, which left me shivering from excitement as well as imaginary frost bite from the strong detail surrounding the icy setting! Recommended for ages 8-12.
Note: Whilst the story can be read as a standalone text, there is an intriguing cliff hanger at the end which will make you want to dive into the next book in the series, Explorers on Witch Mountain.
Review by Wendy @ Great Escape Books