The Postmistress Of Paris: A Novel by Meg Waite Clayton – Our Review


Our Review…

Inspired by the real-life Mary Jane Gold, the incredible Chicago born heiress who helped smuggle artists and creatives out of France during WWII.

An American, living in Paris for the past decade, Naneè is wealthy, beautiful, and quite the independent young woman. Learning to fly is a dream come true and the freedom she finds gliding through the air cannot be harnessed.

But, when German tanks rolls into Paris, Naneè and her delightful little pooch join the resistance to help others in the unfolding danger that the invasion poses. Delivering information to help those in hiding, Naneè risks her own sense of privilege to help deliver messages, and eventually individuals to safety.

Naneè has the biggest heart of all, and when she meets Edouard Moss and his adorable young daughter who have escaped Germany but now remain captured in a French labour camp, Naneè just can’t leave them afraid and alone.

So once again, she puts her freedom at risk for the sake of others.

This book is a remarkable read, most of all I loved the strong and formidable female character and was inspired and challenged by her courage. A really special story that leaves you reflecting on freedom, and the sense of responsibility to ensure that freedom is for the collective and not just certain individuals.

Thrilling and fascinating, this one is not just for the historical fiction lover but anyone who loves a character driven story.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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