The Prettiest Horse In The Glue Factory by Corey White – Our Review


Triumph Against All Odds….The Prettiest Horse In The Glue Factory by Corey White
Our Review…
Corey White has written a tragically authentic memoir, an inspiring book about survival against the odds. Using his trademark comedic prowess, Corey tells his story- a story of deep struggle yet littered throughout with laugh-out-loud moments.

Corey speaks with a survivor’s vulnerability and strength, an ultra-intelligent, funny and bravely inspired young man that writes openly of his exposure to domestic violence and family dysfunction throughout childhood.

Substance abuse, violence, poverty, hunger and humiliation came to mark Corey’s world, and with the sudden death of his mother and his father in jail, he is forced to enter the foster care system.

Corey speaks so openly of the impact the foster care system had on his psyche, speaking out from experience, he brilliantly advocates for broken young people that are forging their way as he did, often times, entirely alone.

The Prettiest Horse In The Glue Factory is a memoir of a tenacious inner strength, of life and hope.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books