The Raven’s Song by Bren MacDibble and Zana Fraillon – Our Review


Our Review…

Shelby and her favourite human Davy are the best of friends, they live on a property together in a small community of likeminded people seeking to care for the earth and for each other above all else.

Having grown up inside the community and having only 350 people surrounding them has worked well until holes in the fence appear and Shelby just can’t ignore the curiosity of what might be calling to them from beyond.
The adventurous pair venture out through the boundary fences into the surrounding jungle and are terrified and startled by what they find.

But Shelby is not the only one who exists in this story, with an alternate timeline revealing the story of young Phoenix who lived one hundred years earlier, before the world collapsed around him.

Together Phoenix and Shelby become, intertwined despite living in different times must confront the reality of impending destruction, working together to hope for a future for all creatures great and small.

A mesmerising and intriguing story for young people who like fiction or fantasy, with some sadness and loss, this is a brilliant book for ages 10 plus.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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