The River by Peter Heller – Our Review


Our Review:
The River is a magnificent homage to the both the beauty and the unpredictable violence of nature. Jack and Wynn are best friends from college, both comfortable their skin and outdoorsy, they decide to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, kayaking together down the mighty Maskwa River in northern Canada.
The River starts slowly, almost contemplatively – the descriptions of the mountains, the waters are so visceral and physical that I felt as if I was also canoeing along, the novel and the trip just meandering seamlessly along.
But then Jack smells smoke and the pace picks up markedly. A monster ‘wildfire’ is heading their way. With no satellite phone, as they paddle with increasing urgency down the river, they stumble on a drunks camp. Then further disorientating them they hear a woman’s scream and find her partner further along the river, dazed and distressed , seemingly in shock.
You come to love these boys, with their quiet strength and integrity, and desperately just want them to turn around and flee while they still have a chance.
I greatly admire Peter Heller’s writing- its tightness, its immediacy and its beauty.
Author of the magnificent The Dog Stars, this is a marvellous book for all who love great writing and the untamed beauty of natural world.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books