The Safe Place by Anna Downes – Our Review


Our Review…
Emily is having a very bad day. A fledging actress, she loses her day-job as a receptionist and is being threatened with eviction for rental arrears . When her talent agent unexpectedly drops her as well before one last ditch audition, she is all out of options.

Distraught, Emily jumps at a chance to put her life back on track when Scott Denny, an old boss,
offers her a job as housekeeper and companion to his wife Nina, at their property in the south of France.
The estate is remote and stunning and as Emily starts to make friends with Nina and her five-year -old daughter Aurelia , she starts to think she’s landed the job of a lifetime. But with Scott constantly absent and the main house out of bounds, all is not as it seems.

On a rare day off, Emily finds out more about the estate, and as flashbacks fill in some of the secrets behind it’s current occupant, she starts to realise she is in grave danger.
Told from alternate points of view, as Emily progresses from being naive and a bit scatterbrained to thoughtful and determined, the novel becomes a great page-turner.
A great suspenseful read from a debut author to watch.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books