The School Run by Ali Lowe


How far would you go to protect your children?



For parents living in the beautiful coastal town of Pacific Pines, all their hopes and dreams are pinned on the outcome of the annual Gala Day hosted by St Ignatius Boys’ School. To be accepted into the prestigious institution, their sons must battle it out, facing rigorous rounds of physical and mental tests. Their parents will stop at nothing to ensure their sons succeed.



But after one boy is struck down in a hit and run, the scandals, secrets and lies that entangle three mothers threaten to unravel their seemingly perfect lives . . .



How far will the women go to, not just to save their families – but also their reputations?



Make sure you don’t miss the latest scandal. Everyone is reading Ali Lowe…


‘Ali Lowe is swiftly moving into the footprints of Liane Moriarty’ The Australian


‘Sharp, clever and compelling’ Sarah Pearse, bestselling author of The Sanatorium


‘Deliciously dark and completely enthralling’ Nicola Moriarty


‘Utterly gripping’ Heat


‘Darkly funny . . . I raced to the last page’ B.M. Carroll


‘A murder mystery that had me gripped til the end’ Helen Cooper