The Science of Appearances by Jacinta Halloran


Our Review…
Melbourne GP Jacinta Halloran’s third novel, The Science of Appearances is a superb observation into the complexities of the human spirit. Fraternal twins Dominic and Mary grow up with a domineering mother in post-war rural Victoria, where the powerful forces gender, poverty, religion and family expectations hamper their desire to fly free and flourish.
Young Mary in particular struggles under the constraints of the expectations of her mother and conservative community of Kyneton and flees to bohemian Melbourne a place light years way in it’s world of artists, musicians, thinkers and lovers, but leaves with some guilt her beloved twin Dominic.
More contemplative Dominic does carve his own way at great cost. Moving on many levels, this is a haunting novel of the choices we make in the pursuit of truth and happiness, a spotlight on the overt social constraints on women and hidden but equally powerful family ties that bind us all. With graceful writing and insightful observations of the human spirit, this is a wondrous read.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books